Upgrade Your Mental Software

Dr. Simeon Hein

Dear Friend,

I’ve made a very important discovery recently. So important that it would be remiss of me if I didn’t tell you about it right now.

First, I’m not trying to sell you on applying for this. And it’s NOT for everyone. But here’s what’s going on.

I’ve recently discovered some new, extremely powerful techniques that are far more effective than remote viewing to let you reach your full potential and see your life from a bigger and bolder perspective.

If you’ve always wanted to get in touch with your bigger potential “inner genius”, then read on.

I can tell you something right now. That if you’re reading this page, you have untapped creative and intuitive potential that you’re not using. Simply put, you might not be using your complete intelligence or even wasting your natural abilities!

And it gets worse: the latest studies show that your personal creativity is linked to greater economic well-being and happiness. So if you are not using your natural creativity, completely and fully, then you’re headed down on the economic food chain!

And dammit, I don’t want that to happen to you!

Instead, I want to help you overcome this challenge by combining the latest “state of the art” techniques for tapping into your natural, resonant intelligence.

(This goes way beyond quantum jumping, the law of attraction, hypnosis, NLP or anything like that. What I’m talking about here is giving you the “keys to the kingdom” so to speak that you can start using right away.)

It’s actually a system for managing your energy and attention in a way that maximizes your ability to communicate with your “super mind”, as I call it, so you begin to operate at your full potential.

These are the same techniques used by geniuses like Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Nicola Telsa, Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford and many others. If it worked for them, it will work for you. In the Human Fusion® class, I’ll show you how.

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GENIUS TRAINING–“mind technology of the future”
First of all, this training is expensive. The most expensive training I’ve ever
offered. (So it’s only for folks who are serious about making a big change in their lives.)

I’m confident this is going to be the next “big thing”: a system for tapping into
your natural mind powers, abilities, and larger potential, what I call your “Creative Intelligence”, in a way that gets you results more quickly than anything else I
know about.

What is this training? Quite literally, it’s a mind technology for tapping into your own future. I call it “Creative Intelligence” or “Human Fusion™ Training.” A way to connect to your “cosmic thinking circuit” so you can maximize your creativity, insight, and other natural abilities.

Compared to remote viewing, it’s just a whole magnitude more powerful, easier to learn, and better all the way around, in my view. There are no stages, phases, or wrong answers: just results.

My goal is for you to start making progress starting right now!

This “genius training” is designed to help you create an information and energetic “super highway” between yourself, your “higher attention” as I call it, and the universe. It’s designed to get you results, BIG TIME.

If you want to rapidly accelerate your personal growth and feel you have a vast, untapped personal or professional potential that you haven’t yet reached in your life yet, this might be for you. But you have to be willing to put some real effort and focus into it.

This method goes far deeper in accessing your inner intelligence than anything I’ve ever encountered before. This is for real. And I know this could work for you too but only If you’re motivated to do it.

You see research shows that we’re only using a fraction of our conscious mind brain potential. About 16 bits per second, out of a total of 40 millions, per second!

That’s just a tiny fraction of what we’re capable of, less than 1/10,000 of a percent of our true capability.

The truth is, you can consciously access a lot more than 16 bits a second. But you have to know the right way to do it or it can backfire on you. The trick is to amp up your mental power in the right way.

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With this step-by-step process, you can tap in the universal power of synchronicity tap into the “matrix of energy and information” that freely available to all of us. This is NOT metaphysics. It’s a real, practical system for getting results based on the latest discoveries in quantum physics.

Once you tap into the power of universal resonance, you’ll feel that your life becomes more effortless, exciting, and energizing. And who doesn’t want to let the universe do more of the work for you, so you don’t have to!

The latest scientific work that shows the your brain is constantly rewiring itself based on your experiences, perceptions, and emotions, up to 1 million new synaptic connections per second! This is known as “neuroplasticity.”

You can use this principle to reprogram your brain with new habits, patterns ways of thinking that get better results for you in your life, relatively quickly and effectively.

1. This type of training is for people who run their own businesses or have projects they’ve always wanted to work on but don’t know how to move towards their goals.

2. People who feel they have a greater ability than they are using right now.

3. Folks who want to get past their mental barriers and self-imposed limitations and get real results

1. This is not for get rich quick types, people who want instant results without doing anything, or people who are lazy.

2. This is not for you if don’t want to work at it.

3. This is not for you if can commit yourself to anything for a longer than a few days.

These techniques are so potentially valuable that I’m only teaching this to 10 people in the upcoming class. I want to give you the best possible experience, so I’m limiting the class size.

This system goes way, way beyond remote viewing. If you know how to do remote viewing already, that’s great. But it’s just the starting point for us. We’re going way beyond that!

(Everyone taking the Human Fusion® course gets complimentary and immediate access to my new, online Virtual Viewing class, so you’ll learn how to do remote viewing before we start, if you want to.)

This technique is one of the most powerful things I’ve ever come across. It will actually “fuse” the different parts of yourself together in ways you never thought possible, by actually letting you “see” into your own future.

You see, by using the principles of resonance, we can get the different parts of your mind to be on the same frequency, in order to create internal “neural resonance.” And when you do that, good things happen!

I call this process Human Fusion®–a “next generation” technique for managing your energy for maximum productivity and well-being that registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

In essence, you can rewire your brain according to your very own direction to create a new you with more capability and potential than you ever believed possible.

Some of the things you’ll discover include:

  • how to be more creative and intuitive
  • how to manage your mental and physical energy for maximum creativity
  • how to completely access your innate intelligence skills
  • experience more synchronicities and “flow” in your life and tap into your deeper, natural intelligence
  • how to create more success in your life by developing your mind BEYOND your logical, conscious awareness
  • get a sense of your own broader potential and possibilities by accessing your “inner genius”
  • how to get meaningful, positive results in just a few months of practice

This is NOT for everyone
Look, I’m going to ask you to really participate in this class, do the exercises, follow the reading list and generally follow the instructions EXACTLY. If you can’t do that, this is not for you.

However, if you follow the program, I think you can expect some pretty impressive results and to achieve things in your life you never thought possible before.

Here’s what to do next
I’d like to offer you a personal strategy session where my assistant Lori will talk with you on the phone to see if this type of training would be useful to you. Click below to get started:

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P.S. In case you’re skimming this letter, here’s the deal:

I’ve found what I believe is “the next big thing.” I think it could work really well for you if you are willing to implement completely and fully.

To find out if this is right for you, we’d like to talk with you, so we can see if this is a good fit for you or not.

This is NOT for everyone

But, if you’re ready to make a change in your life, one that takes you to a whole new level of personal and professional performance, take the survey so we can move forward together.