Course Details

The live Extended Intelligence course with Dr. Hein is a unique chance to connect with your “higher intelligence,” improve your creativity, and make changes in your life right now to accelerate your personal progress, insight, and success.

It includes 8 weeks of group coaching with one lecture and one question and answer session per week. All sessions are recorded for later playback on the Human Fusion website where you can also interact with me and other people in the class. The next class starts in February, 2015.

We’ll be covering three main topics:

  1. How to broaden the bandwidth of your perception so as to receive more information from your “Higher Attention”
  2. How to view and connect with your future selves in parallel time lines so as to get a bigger view of your potential
  3. How to magnetize your body and mind to attract yourself to the realities you prefer.

By the end of this Human Fusion™ course, you should have a much better idea how to manifest your plans, goals, and ideas and a definite sense of specific actions you can take to get past your fear zone and evolve beyond your expectations. It’s like “Super Conductivity” for your mind.

Bonus: As part of the class, you also get my basic virtual viewing training program,
Virtual Viewing Insight Class, So you can start your training immediately, before the teleclass begins, and start right now to broaden the bandwidth of your communication with your conscious mind and your Higher Mind.

The cost of the Extended Intelligence course is $6,000. Scholarships are available upon request.